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Molecular Detection of 10 of the Most Unwanted Alien Forest Pathogens in Canada Using Real-Time PCR in PLOS ONE

UBC scientists uncover cause of tree-killing fungus -UBC news

Horizontal gene transfer and gene dosage drives adaptation to wood colonization in a tree pathogen - paper published this week in PNAS.

TAIGA Promo video preview produced by UBC GREAT program.

Check out TAIGA developed python script (VCF2Arlequin) for population genomic analyses using the functionalities of Arlequin (with permission - requests can be addressed to Nicolas Feau feaunico@mail.ubc.ca).

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Project Overview

  • The TAIGA (Tree Aggressors Identification using Genomic Approaches) project aims to increase Canada’s capacity in forest disease diagnostics and pathogen detection and monitoring by developing and translating genomics resources into applications.

  • The output of the TAIGA project will be fully validated diagnostic tools for on-site use, or delivery as part of a high-throughput service offering to our end-users.