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Dr. Kermit Ritland (Co-Investigator)


Faculty of Forestry
Forest Sciences Centre
University of British Columbia 
2424 Main Mall,
V6T 1Z4

Dr. Kermit Ritland is a professor at the University of British Columbia in the department of Forest Sciences. He is one of the cofounders and current co-leader of the Genome Canada-funded (competitions 1 and 3) Treenomix project. His main research focus is on population and quantitative genetics especially in the study of forestry genomics and the evolutionary genomics of plants. Dr. Ritland has written a number of computer programs that estimates mating systems and phylogenies using DNA markers, marker data analysis in populations, estimating genetic distance and diversity, pairwise relatedness and individual inbreeding coefficients.

Role in the project

Dr. Ritland provides guidance in the SNP analyses and pathogen population studies.His analyses on the sequences of pathogen genomes help determine the origin of introduction and routes of spread of the targeted pathogens.