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Dr. Guillaume Bilodeau (Collaborator)

Dr. Bilodeau

Research Scientist

Ottawa Plant Laboratory
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
3851 Fallowfield Road
Ottawa, ON
K2H 8P9

Dr. Bilodeau is a Research Scientist in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. His role in the CFIA is to plan, organize, coordinate and conduct research and development of technologies for detection and identification of plant pests and/or nematodes of regulatory significance. He has previous research experience at the USDA-APHIS working on pathogen detection and at NCRCan working on Sudden Oak Death molecular detection.

Role in the project

Dr. Bilodeau provides expertise on the sequencing, analysis and detection of Phytophthora species. He participates in the testing and validation of the diagnostic assays and is a key player in the technology transfer of the developed assays to operational diagnostic labs.