Taiga Forest Health


Research Associate

Nicolas Feau          

Braham Dhillon                  

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Marie-Claude Gagnon

Monique Sakalidis


Angela Dale

Research Assistants

Marie-Josée Bergeron                        

Josyanne Lamarche                

Marie-Josée Morency

Gervais Pelletier                     

Don Stewart


Avneet Brar

Padmini Herath                                              

Nicole Lecours                     

Miranda Newton

Amélie Potvin                         

Debbie Shearlaw

Graduate Students

Angela Dale

Ting Pu

 Past Team Members

Clement Tsui

Ben Lai

Ranga Nandanavanam        

Chunling Liu


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Research Associates

  • Nicolas Feau, Ph.D.
    Email: feaunico@mail.ubc.ca
    Help TAIGA's postdocs and students bridge the gap between genomics, bioinformatics and biology.
  • Braham Dhillon, Ph.D.
    Email: dhillonb@mail.ubc.ca
    Analyze genomics data in collaboration with other researchers.

Post Doctoral Fellows

  • Marie-Claude Gagnon, Ph.D.
    Email: Marie-Claude.Gagnon@inspection.gc.ca
    Develop SNPs and microsatellite markers for population genetic studies of Phytophthora ramorum
  • Monique Sakalidis, Ph.D.
    Email: monique@sakalidis.com
    Genome sequencing of selected Dothideomycetes and population genomic study of Mycosphaerella populorum ( Septoria musiva).


Angela Dale, M.Sc. (Molecular Microbiology Scientist - FP Innovations)

Email: Angela.Dale@fpinnovations.ca

Development of Phytophthora culture collection, and natural and inoculated sample collection. PhD student working on Phytophthora genomics (see link).

Research Assistants


  • Avneet Brar, M.Sc.
    Email: Avneet.Brar@inspection.gc.ca
    Culture growth and storage, DNA extraction and PCR work on Mycosphaerella samples.
  • Padmini Herath, M.Sc.
    Email: pch112@gmail.com
    DNA extraction and Real Time PCR work on Septoria field samples.

Graduate Students

  • Angela Dale, M.Sc.
    Email: Angela.Dale@fpinnovations.ca
    PhD Candidate
    Conduct comparative genome analysis of Phytophthora pathogens to find conserved and unique sets of genes specific to the genus or groups within the genus. Determine migration routes and direction for Phytophthora ramorum.
  • Ting Pu, BSc
    Email: tingpu89@gmail.com
    Master Student
    Evolution and adaptation of White Pine Blister Rust by genome re-sequencing analyses.

Past team members

  • Clement Tsui
    Research Associate

  • Ben Lai
    Research Technician

  • Ranganayaki Nandanavanam
    Research Technician

  • Chunling Liu
    Research Technician